Marco Neri: biography

1968 born in Forlì, Italy
  Painting teacher at the –€œAccademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna–€ (Ravenna Academy of the Fine Arts).
2008 Quadriennale d–€™arte di Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni –€“ Rom
  homelife, Galleria Fabjbasaglia –€“ Rimini
2007 Restless, Galerie Uschi Kolb –€“ Karlsruhe (mit Wes Mills)
2006 Mars black, Lucas Schoormans Gallery –€“ New York
  participation at the –€œCentro per l–€™Arte Contemporanea, Luigi Pecci–€ (Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art) –€“ Prato (with the –€œOmissis–€ exhibition)
2005 Omissis, Galleria Fabjbasaglia –€“ Rimini
2004 Nessun Dogma, Galleria Emilio Mazzoli –€“ Modena
2001 Spazio Aperto, Galleria d–€™Arte Moderna –€“ Bologna (con A.Salvino)
  participation in the 49th –€œBiennale di Venezia, Platea dell–€™Umanità–€ (The Venice Biennial, Mankind Audience), –€œItalia–€ pavilion