Achterbahn: Martin Schwenk, Skulpturen  
20.01. - 3.03.07  

The works of Martin Schwenk are sculptures in the classical sense, sometimes with roots hidden in the earth, a base, and a trunk with branches or leaf-like forms. But rather than being mimetic reproductions of nature, these are works of fantasy.


The plants, spreading more horizontally than vertically with the alternately positioned green leaves looking like over-dimensional paddles, capture the space of the gallery; one has the impression that the circular motions could continue to form spirals like a whirlpool into infinity. But this is in no case freely growing foliage: it is a stylised and yet open system, the ornamental character of which could also be executed as a mural painting.


Plexiglas, plaster, steel, wire and silicon are the materials of the sculptures, attached to and into one another, leaving the impression that both the forces of nature and imagination could increase without end, as could the forms of their combination.

The possibility arises to excitingly experience nature, art and abstraction simultaneously and in the same part.