Julia Kröpelin und Izumi Kobayashi - LICHTJAHRE  
15. September - 18. Oktober 2007  
Eröffnung am: 14. September 2007 - 18.00 - 22.00  

Light Years


At first glance, the joint exhibition by Izumi Kobayashi, a Japanese artist living in Karlsruhe, and the Düsseldorf artist Julia Kröpelin is marked by a clear contrast: the soft, glowing colour of Kobayashi; the nuanced black and white of Kröpelin. However, this apparent contrast leads to a lively exhibition that remains balanced.

The title –€œLight Years–€ should be understood as a collective banner since it evokes associations that could be referred to the works of both artists. In both works, there are bright areas that seem like points of light, as well as effects, elements that outshine the organic structures and undermine the clarity of form.


The thickly white-primed canvases of Julia Kröpelin show landscapes in a broad sense –€“ a variety of intermeshed and superimposed forms that bring back to the medium of –€œpencil drawing–€ a presence that has been missing for some time. At certain points, precisely depicted details such as trees, fences or animals can be made out. Occasionally, however, the motifs can only be interpreted using the imagination, and tend to suggest a certain object-like quality instead of a clear legibility. Julia Kröpelin intervenes in the structure of the drawing with an eraser or using her hand to wipe out certain areas. In their directness, the antagonistic pictorial elements develop a hypnotic narrative structure, which, possibly belonging to an apocalyptic dramaturgy, might explode in the head of viewer should they not get away soon enough.


The lines, circles, star-points, in the work of Izumi Kobayashi, which occasionally seem like atmospheric apparitions, lead the viewer to think of images of the universe, but also of the surface of water punctuated by raindrops, or the lights of a city vanishing into the depth of the night. The ungraspable quality of the pictorial setting emphasises the sensations resulting from the titles. The gaze is drawn into the colours as into a space that can only be entered in a dream. The pictures are painted with tempera on canvas, the colours are deep and calm. Numerous fine shadings lead to imperceptible transitions in the colouring, even where two colours run in to each other. –€“ Fragmented temporality, the result of the splitting up of the motif-world in Kröpelin; the stretching of time through its dissolution within the contemplative calm of the beautiful image-worlds in Kobayashi, this contrast underpins the exhibition –€œLight Years–€.